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UK Driving Theory Test Practice

What do we provide ?

We provide services for practicing mock driver theory test to Car, Bike, Bus and Heavy vehicle in the UK; you can give trail & attend unlimited times under free assistance and become a pro in your real driving theory exam.By tapping the category, you want to go live with practice to get your license test, doing such you will build confidence to clear the actual test conducted by DVSA theory test.


Online Services:

Our driver theory test is accessible on any smart device with a friendly atmosphere.


No more purchasing each test, we delivering our full services for free of cost till you receive a license.

Topics for Driver Theory Test:

We will be covering the syllabus related to DVSA theory test are Road & Traffic rules, Vehicle handling limitations, Safety Road Signs and margins, Caution, Weak Road users and the driving path leading.

Extend your driving Score just by Practicing Our Mock Tests

The sort of questions that you practice on our mock tests will base more on road signs & road rules, if you step in these tests, it’s a belief word that you will clear final driving theory test.

The Score to pass in mock test?

To clear your mock test, you need to get 38 questions correct out of 45 questions that are 84%.

To Seek Your results!

You can view your results after every mock test where you can see how many questions you have answered are correct and how many questions you have answered wrong.

Are you struggling at Any issue?

Any issues, you can directly drop your issues in the help manual.

Type Of Test

Type Of Tests

Choose the correct option

In each test will display with 50 questions, you will qualify to the next level with full correct answers around 43 out of total and should hold 86% within the times limit of 57 minutes per single test.

Hazard Perception

Hazard test is a live answering test; you cannot change once you lock it. You will present with 20 hazard clips you must notice the problem why & where it occurred, score 44 out of 75 to receive a driver license.

Test theme is to check your alertness during driving because you should predict things move same every day.

Mock Theory Test

Characteristics of Mock Theory Test

By taking up these free tests, you will enhance approximate knowledge about the entire concept of driving more than the past. The increased subject will lead you to collect driver theory test in the UK.

  • Accessibility: This mock theory tests can be taken through your mobile phone or tablet or your pc, and you can access these online theory test for free completely
  • Time Simulator:For each test, you won’t have any time limit. You can take down the test peacefully.
  • Feedback:Feel Free to drop your queries and feedback after every test.

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