A2 Motorcycle Licence: A Complete Guide for A2 motorcycle Licence 2021

A2 Motorcycle Licence 2021

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Do you think that only one type of Licence is all enough to drive any vehicle? It’s impossible. So, there are different types of licences available for types of vehicles. These licences are issued based on the vehicle’s weight and CC; a list of different licence types issued to the motorcycle listed below.

What are Different Types of Motorcycle Licence?

The Licence is the only documents that provide freedom to drive legally on the streets—having a driving licence doesn’t mean that you have all the rights to drive the vehicle. Different types of Licence issued for the applicants based on age and the type of vehicle they drive.

A1 Licence

The A1 Licence can apply by the applicants who attain 16 years by submitting the complete basic training(CBT) certificate. You are allowed to drive the two-wheelers vehicles with 125CC only.

A2 Licence

To get an A2 driving licence, the applicants should attain 19 years by submitting the CBT and provisional certificate in the DLSV test centre. The vehicles of 35KW allowed to drive with this Licence  

A Licence

The A licence is a complete licence assigned to the applicants who attain an age of 24 years. By getting issue with this, a person can drive any type and any vehicle size with no restrictions.

The A licence is a full licence so, both the A1 driver vehicles and A2 driver vehicles are also allowed to drive. A brief explanation about driving licence tabulated as below:

Category Type Required Age Description
A1 Licence 17 By having the A1 driving licence, applicants can drive the motorcycles with the power output of 15KW 
A2 Restricted Licence 19 The A2 licence holder can drive the vehicles that weights about 0.2KW/KG
A Full Licence 21(progressive Access) 24(direct Access) The A licence holders can drive the A1, A2 vehicles. With this licence, they can drive motorcycle of 35KW and tricycle of 15KW 

What is A2 Licence: complete Guide for A2 motorcycle Licence 2021

If you are under 19 years and wanted to drive a vehicle badly, A2 motorcycle Licence opts for your requirements. The A2 driving licence issued to the applicants between the ages of 19-24 years. By getting issued with it, you can drive the vehicles that are with 35KW.

Change name on driving licence UK step by step guide

Is A2 Motorcycle Licence Considered as Full Licence?

A2 Licence is considered a full licence, but the applicant cannot drive the vehicle they wanted to, as the A2 driving licence imposes some restrictions over the drivers at times of driving. So, it can also be called the restricted driving licence. Wait, wait, wait! Not everyone can get this A2 motorcycle Licence; the person who ages 19-24 only allowed to apply for this Licence. So, people are allowed to drive on the roads only with some restrictions.   

All the applicants have to submit the provisional driving licence to apply for any licence. So, make sure that you are handy with it.  

Is Provisional Licence Necessary to Apply for A2 Motorcycle Licence!

Yes, the provisional Licence is mandatory to apply for any Licence. So, the applicants should submit it when applying for the A2 Licence in the U.K.

Now, aren’t you ready to apply for the provisional Licence? Here I’m ready to guide the process to get a provisional driving licence

  • The applicants who attain at least an age of 15 years nine months are considered eligible for applying to the provisional Licence
  • Submit Complete basic training(CBT) certificate
  • Complete the D9 application form available in the DLSV office by providing accurate information in all the required fields, and you asked to complete a D91 form. By completing both the forms, your application forwarded for further steps after verifying all the provided details.



Which Tests Should I Attend for Getting the A2 Motorcycle Licence?

Getting a driving licence is not that easy, but a bit of effort makes the process easy and intuitive—the A2 motorcycle licence issued to the applicants who cleared the theory test and the practical test. The theory test checks the knowledge over road rules, and practical test analyses the driving skills.

( Check Free Theory Practice Test Online )


A2 Licence Structure
  1. Book Motorcycle Theory Test for A2 Driving licence

The applicant can attend the theory test at any nearby test centres

Reminder: Always remember to wear a mask at the time of attending the test. No excuses are allowed until you provide a documental proof regarding the illness, and make sure not to carry any electronic devices and personal belongings to the exam room.

Carry the documents like passport and any other valid identity proof to submit to the DVSA department’s theory test. The theory test categorized as the multiple-choice questions and the hazard perception.

  1.  A2 motorcycle Licence Multiple Choice Question

The multiple-choice questions test consists of 57 questions with real-time traffic questions and some questions about road signs and traffic rules. There are 50 questions, and 43 of them should answer correctly to clear the test and proceed for the Hazard Perception.

Overview of Multiple Choice Questions

In the test, the questions are of multiple-choice type, so select one of the available answers. Finally, at the time of submitting the test, there is a possibility to check whether there are any questions left to answer for them. The applicants have to submit the result sheet before 57 minutes.

  1. Hazard Perception Test U.K

The Hazard test starts within 3 minutes after the completion of the multiple-choice question test. The hazard perception test checks how responsible the applicants is by showing some video clips. So, the marks are assigned based on how quick you responsive rate is about the hazard that happened.

Hazard Perception Test Pass Mark

The exam displays 14 video clips, and two of them are related to developer hazards. In the developer hazard, the applicant must respond to it by taking some turns or any other required turn to avoid the crashes and an immediate action required at those times.   

  • Practical test for A2 Driving licence

The practical test checks the driving skills of the applicants on the road and of the road. The test categorized as Module 1 and Module 2  

  1. Practice Test Module 1

Module 1 test conducted not more than 20 minutes that checks the applicant’s skills cover at the times of U-turn, slow riding, skills to art figure 8, some tasks at times of hazard avoidance and the efficiency at times of emergency stops

  1. Practice Test Module 2

Module 2 is the test conducted after completing the Module 1 test, and the test takes place for 40 minutes. It’s a test conducted to analyze the DVSA officials analyze all the faults of the test. The list of faults that analyzed is riding faults, dangerous faults and serious faults.

What is Process to Upgrade A2 Licence

Upgrading the A2 Licence doesn’t mean more than applying for A licence as upgrading your restricted Licence to a full licence if you are holding the A2 Licence for more than two years, you are eligible to apply for a full licence(A licence). The applicant has to submit the A2 licence and then schedule a practical test to get the A licence.

How Much Does it Cost for A2 Motorcycle Test

The A2 driving licence test categorized into multiple tests so, each test designed with different fees payment. An amount of £23 need to pay by the applicants for the theory test and the practice test, and it cost £15 for module one and £75 for module two

What is the Process to Convert A2 Motorcycle Licence to Full Licence?

As mentioned, the A2 Licence is also considered the full Licence, but there are restrictions than the licence holder has to follow so, most people will try to gain a full licence which will never impose any limits. So, by having the A2 licence, the applicant can drive any vehicle of any size

The only requirement to apply for the A driving licence is that the applicant should acquire 24 years. People who have held the A2 motorcycle licence for more than two years can easily apply for the A licence at the age of 21 years by attending the theory test without attending the practice test.

Requirements for A2 motorcycle Licence 

There is a list of requirements that an applicant must validate to get issued with an A2 driving licence.

  • The applicant has to complete CBT and submit the certificate to the DLSV office
  • Attain an age of the 19 years
  • Pass the pass theory test and hazard test

What Does CBT Means?

One of the major documents everyone has to submit before applying for any driving licence type is the CBT certificate. The CBT certificate means Complete Basic Training, which covers all the concepts required to train as a rider. A complete list of skills that provided in CBT are as follows

  • Teaches about the safety clothing and the importance of helmet
  • Provides complete information about the vehicle control
  • Describes the road rules, road signs and traffic rules
  • Driving skills on the road explained briefly
  • Finally, it allows performing all your acquired skills over driving on roads

What Vehicles Issued with A2 Licence?

All the vehicles with 595CC weigh about 0.2kW/kg and have a power output of a maximum of 35kW.

Where can I Apply for A2 Motorcycle Licence?

All the applicants can apply for the A2 driving licence at any nearby DVSA test centres by providing all the required documents, and then you allowed to schedule the tests like the theory test and practical test.

Step-by-Step Process to Get A2 Driving licence

A brief explanation about the process to apply for the A2 drive licence given below

Step 1

The basic thing to get a driving licence is to apply for the provisional driving licence. If you are at the age of 15 years and nine months, you can apply for the provisional certificate.

There are many possible ways to apply online and by post by submitting the required documents as passport photos, passport. It costs £34 if you apply online and £23 charged if applied through the post.

Step 2: Complete CBT

Here is the pivotal step for getting issued with any driving licence. In this test, you teach with some driving skills, and it conducts a vision test and practical road driving practice.

There are many practice centres available, and the applicants can select any of them based on the requirement. After getting issued with CBT, it’s valid for two years so that you can apply for any driving licence as A1 or A2 within that meantime else you have to reattend the CBT test.

Step 3: Apply for A1 Driving licence

This step is not mandatory as a person can apply for the A1 driving licence to get the driving licence in a progressive mode; else, they can skip this step. The progressive mode allows the users to apply for the A2 driving licence without attending the theory test, as they are allowed to attend the practice test directly to get the A2 licence. But you have to wait for two years until you turn at least an age of 21 years to apply for A licence with this progressive method.

Step 4: Attend Test

To issue the A2 driving licence, the DLSV has categorized the tests into two types: the theory test and the practical test. The theory test checks the knowledge over the road rules, safety signs, and the practical test analyses the road’s driving skills.  

Note: The A2 licence issued to the vehicles with 35KW and more weighted vehicles are not allowed to drive under the A2 driving licence

Step 5: Get your A2 Driving licence

After the successful completion of the documents submission and the practical and theory test, you get issued with the A2 driving licence

Frequently Asked Questions About A2 Motorcycle Licence

I have Category A on My Driving Licence. Can I ride a Bike in the U.K?

Yes! You can drive any motorcycle by having the Category A driving licence. The Category A licence categorized as A1 and A2; if you have any one of them, there are some restriction; else, if you have the Category A licence, you are allowed to drive any vehicles.

Can You Go Straight to A2 Motorcycle Driving licence?

To answer this, I need some patience from you as there is a lot to know about getting the U.K A2 driving license in 2021. There are two procedures available: If you are above 19 years, you can apply for the A2 driving license test by submitting CBT, consisting of a theory test and a practical test. The second procedure is that if you have an A1 license and attain an age of 19, then an A2 licence is issued by attending the practical test.

What Category is a Full Motorcycle Licence

The Driving licence A considered as the full motorcycle licence; by holding it, a person can drive all the type of motorcycle vehicles.