Car theory Test for DVSA Exam Overview

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The primary test will be multiple-choice questions where you will have 4 answers for each question you need to choose one answer in those 4 answers. For the car theory test, you will be having 15 tests overall. Each test consists of 45 questions, and there is no time limit for a test. You can practice the test for unlimited times, and with no charges, it is entirely for free. The questions rely upon the kind of vehicle you pick.

Car theory Test Practice

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Score to Clear DVSA Car Theory Test:

To clear the mock test, you need to answer 38 questions correct out of 45 questions per each test, whereas coming to the actual Driving Theory test, you will be assigned with 50 questions where you need to get 43 questions correct out of 50 and for real Car Driving theory test you will be set with 57 minutes of time to take the test for 50 questions, Well here coming to our mock theory tests for the car you won’t be assigned with any time limit, this will be a significant point for you. So you can practice more and more and get good command over the car theory test and road rules and traffic signs.

The following car theory tests consist of basic road rules and traffic signs questions that are taken from the latest version of DVSA question banks. In this, you will come to know about the safety margins and vehicle handling; this car theory test falls under the category of Class B. All learner drivers must go through the theory test to meet all prerequisites for the functional driving test and get their full UK driving license. The theory test can be separated into two bits. You can buy the books, or you can also get an online pdf document. Our mock theory test will cover the topics of Safety measures, vehicle loading, vehicle handling, rules of the road, traffic signs, accidents and emergencies, Weak road users.

 Book your Car Theory Test:

When you are ready to take up the DVSA car theory test, book your car theory test slot just by going to you’re near DVSA office, or else you can contact them online by visiting there’re website 

  DVSA Car Theory Test Cost:

You can take up all the mock tests for free, whereas coming to the real DVSA  theory test, the car theory test cost will be around £23.

Car Drivers -Frequently Asked Questions in the UK

If you are present here in search of something doubt based on your car driving, you will satisfy with the answers we provide because it resembles genuine.

Can I attend to calls while driving a car?

Always prefer NO option to receive calls while you are driving seat if it is a vital call slow down your car to a side lane and respond. Remember not to try to stop your vehicle on a high way and busy roads.

Can I use my vehicle for my test Driving?

Yes, you are allowed to take the test with your car. It is an optional choice, both the conditions are satisfactory either your car or trainer vehicle to complete the test drive.

Is there any age restrictions to drive a car?

Of course, DVLA officially announced on the age restriction stating that you must have 17 years and above to apply for the provisional driving license and to drive a car in the UK.

What are the steps for car Driving test?

Local and State sales tax will be collected if your recipient's mailing address is in:
  • Step 1:Apply for the provisional driving license by visiting the DVLA office.
  • Step 2:Join in driver training sessions for theory and practical and Practice thoroughly for qualifying rounds.
  • Step 3:In the first round, you will have two types of exams multiple choice and Hazard perception. If you pass in the conducted test, you promote to the next level.
  • Step 4:Practical test before attending this exam revise all the rules and precautions carefully.
  • Step 5:If you pass, you can collect a driving license to drive a car.
  • Step 6:In case you fail again to book your slot to retake the test after ten days, take some time and prepare more.
  • Step 7:Finally collect the Driving license through the post office.

Is the pass mark is necessary for Driving Test?

To get a driving license, you must able to qualify in stepwise conducted tests, in multiple-choice type questions score 85 out of 100. In the Hazard perception test, you must score 40 out of 50. You would pass in the exam if you answered all the question that trainer throws at you.

Can you suggest me one best tip to clear driving test at first attempt?

There are only two top secrets to pass the driving test at the first trial, learn more and practice more. Balance both like to produce sound by clapping two hands, you cannot make sound with single hand right? The same ways, the more you learn and practice the best will the result.

Does the test centre allow me if I cross out the mentioned time for driving license?

It is always a good suggestion to reach the centre before time because it is good and makes you attend the exam with a peaceful mind. Please do not make your way to rush the exam centre in peak time, reach the exam centre early it will give you satisfactory results. In case you are not on time under any circumstances, you are allowed to take the exam.

Is there any validation time for clearing the Driving test?

After applying for the professional driving license, you suppose to complete your driving test within two years. If you fail to do so in the validation time, you need to re-apply for a professional license and then clear your difficulties. You are authorized if you exact driving tests.

I lost my Driving License. What shall I do?

If you lose your driving license somewhere or somehow miss placed, stop worrying you have an option of re-apply by mentioning your situation if possible, give proofs. Handover, the following documents were driving license number and the citizenship proof along with two colour passport size photographs.

While on my Drive, can I adjust my car mirrors?

It is good and better if you adjust your car mirrors before you start to Drive into a correct position. When you feel the fixed angel is not displaying the behind an object in such case, you can arrange mirrors into a perfect angel.

Is that much wrong to Horn?

You are not supposed to horn on the speed limited zones. Unless it is an emergency, you are strictly no to sounding horns.

What types of precautions should I take while I carry my pet with my Drive?

Make sure that your pet rests in car seat comfortably; it shouldn’t harm you or itself. It is useful if you train well before carrying to the Drive-in car.
I suggest you visit this page and increase your driving skills and feel the pleasure in-car driving with rules and best tips.