LGV Theory test

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The test format for our mock LGV test will be of multiple-choice questions for Lgv vehicles; you will be provided with 5 tests where each test consists of 45 questions, and each question will have four answers, which you need to select the right answer of your choice.

 The actual theory test will split into two parts. The primary test will be multiple-choice questions, and the second test will be a Hazard Perception Test. In this multiple-choice test, you will be having LGV theory tests where the test consists of 100 questions, and each question will be having four options, which you need to select the right option of your choice. The questions depend on the type of vehicle you choose. 

Pass Score for Driving LGV Theory Test:

To clear our mock test, you need to get 38/45 questions correct. Well, in the DVSA exam, you need to get 85/100 questions right. This mock test’s main purpose is to get better thought and information on traffic rules and street conventions, and up-and-comers can practice theory tests for boundless occasions till they reach the certainty to take up the genuine LGV Theory Test.

LGV Theory Test

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You can likewise prepare the LGV driver Theory test by books and software like online pdf. The questions you will get from the fundamental three books of DVSA organization are Highway code and Traffic signs and riding basics. 

Interestingly, in the DVSA test, you will have a time limit that is for 100 questions. You will be appointed 1 hour 55 minutes to answer. As in our online mock Theory test, you can practice the LGV driver Theory test with no time limit. This is one of the simple approaches to get great order over the street’s signs and rules. We give a remarkable plan to the official LGV Practice Theory test.

 Moreover, we determinedly suggest buying the enlistment and attempt all DVSA mock tests. Our tests spread each norm and part of the Highway Code. The whole of the Large Goods Vehicle Theory test material is the latest from DVSA.

 Large Goods Vehicle Theory Test Cost:

You can take up all the mock tests for no cost, though coming to the actual test the LGV Theory test cost will be around £62 on weekdays and on weekends it’s £75.

 Booking an LGV Theory Test:

To book an LGV theory test, you need to go to your nearby DVSA office, or else you can also contact online https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test


What does the LGV theory test consist of?


The LGV theory test consists of 2 major parts 

1) MCQ’s multiple-choice questions

2)Hazard perception. 

Please make sure that you book both MCQs and hazard perception parts separately, and you can also take tests on the same day. In order to get the LGV theory test certificate, you must pass both the tests mentioned above within just 2 years.

Is the LGV theory test hard?

People keep saying that the LGV Hazard Perception tests are more difficult than the MCQ’s tests because we don’t find the right/wrong answers available. The LGV Hazard Perception Test pass mark is ‘67’ out of ‘100’. 


What is the pass rate for the LGV theory test?

Hey, do you know that the pass percentage for the LGV theory test is 86%? In order to pass the MCQ’s section, you must answer a minimum of 43 questions out of 50 correctly. The time limit for the LGV Theory Test is 57 minutes only. s

How much is a lorry theory test?

Here are the pricing details for :

part 1a ‘multiple-choice questions’ i.e.  Lorry and bus tests cost – £26.

part 1b ‘hazard perception’  i.e. £11. 

part 2 ‘case studies’ i.e.  £23.

Information about Theory Test:

The Large Goods Vehicle Theory test derived into two types: 1. Choose the appropriate type 2. Hazard Perception type. Both will conduct only through an online process. We shall go deep to the information stepwise, aware, and catch accurate data.

To receive a Driving license in the UK, you must do some stuff work with LGV Theory Test, to collect a professional driving license.

After applying for the professional license, you suppose to train yourself theoretically and practically to attend the final driving test.

In theory test, you as a fresher should know that DVLA (Driving Vehicle license Agency) has separated into two different categories: Multiple choice and Hazard Perception. Before going further with practicing, select the certificate whether you were preparing for a small vehicle or large vehicles like a car or truck.

It is essential to have fledged knowledge of the Highway Code system. The minimum thing is that before any type of test either multiple or Hazard, you must collect some matter regarding the Large Goods Vehicle Theory Test.

Gather real data into your view in advance about the entire concept of driving, rules and precautions. Now, you can practice on live screen by clicking on the LGV Theory test-UK.

Note:  The practical and the screening test must follow the parallel time. If the practice varies, you might dig more confusion. Stay tuned and collect the professional license from the DVLA office – the UK.

Practice Free LGV Theory Test:

Attend free practical test by clicking on the Large Goods Vehicle Theory Test for the professional Driving license in the UK. Once you tap on the test, it will display time duration, no. of questions to answer.

Total the LGV theory exam presents with 100 questions you need to answer all in 1(hour): 50 (minutes) which means 5 minutes less 2 hours. All items based on only multiple choice types.

After completing submit a test to see the result. The qualification marks are 85 out of 100; you can practice as many times you want till you appear for the final examination. Nothing wrong in practicing cause it makes you perfect and increases confidence.

The LGV Theory Test Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) – UK:

Very recently, the entire European Union introduced Driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) in addition to the Large Goods Vehicle.  The theme of CPC is to provide a professional driving representation to the driver of large Lories, coaches, and buses.

If the professional drivers wanted to drive huge vehicles like buses, Lories, and coaches must apply to the CPC. They should qualify theory test concerning case studies along with the multiple-choice and Hazard perception. 

To obtain CPC, you must qualify three types of Theory Tests before the final test to receive a professional driving license.

Multi-choice type Questions:

Here you will present with 100 questions where every question has its different answers along with box button to select your response as soon as you read the question.

In advance, to the Driver Theory Test, you can participate in practice up to the 15 sample questions. That is the only for you to clarify your doubts from the assigned helpers nearer to you.

Once the live test starts, your time duration will also begin, read the question with care, understand well, choose the appropriate answer and click on the provided box button on the screen with the help of a mouse.

In the LGV Theory Test for driving license, questions might ask you to test your level of knowledge power in fields like safe road concerns, environment-based and the documents required for the Driving license.

The questions also might ask regard of huge vehicles to check whether you are aware of those rules and safety precautions or not. So, when you on the learning stage study everything that related to driving, then no chances for you to skip the question during the massive goods vehicle Theory Test.

You suppose to select only one option from the given number of choices, if your selected option is wrong and wanted to change the answer tap on your changed option, the system will fix to the last marked answer as your answer. You can scroll the mouse ball to front and back while participating Theory test.

Do not rush in answering the questions you have plenty of time (115 minutes). Spot wasting your time at strange questions you can go back to answer later once you are done with all well-known items. Keep an eye on noticing time; try to answer all within the limited time.

Suppose you done with the LGV Theory test early. In such a case, you can double on a preview option located to your left. You can Cross-check if any question left without an attempt or wrong selection of answer choice before submitting it. Finally, tap on the end to see the result. 

LGV Driver Theory Test for Hazard Perception:

In the Hazard perception test contains different computer-generated images (CGI) and video clips shown from the point of the driver view, you suggested using the mouse while participating in this test.

Click on the computer-generated images and video clips to experience the sample, and it helps in answering the remaining questions. It is a sample video shot for you to understand the concept. You can tap on replay to understand more.

You are provided with 20 different CGI video shots along with in-build hazards one or more than one; this is to examine your ability of early hazard spots. If you find the Hazard from the video clip provided click on the Hazard. Target to the minimum time answers the Hazard by putting yourself into the driver's shoes.

The lesser time you consume to find Hazard and click with the help of a mouse then more your score will increase. Each time you respond to the video play continually unchanged, a red flag will scroll at the bottom of your screen to collect your response or answer. After every video clip, it will take 10 seconds pause to allow you to observe the new concept well.

Once you are life to solve the hazard cases no option for replay because, in practice you can observe only during driving, to complete this full LGV Theory Test, you provided with 25 minutes, no extra time you must finish on time.

Case studies Test:

It is an additional test only for those who individually wanted to apply for the professional Driving license. You must pass this test to go further with multiple choice types and Hazard type questions.

The tests conducted for 90 minutes you are requested to solve 6- 8 different scenario case studies in each case you expected to insert with 5-10 questions.

The format of case studies in conducting the LGV Theory test:

You asked to solve the questions both from multiple-choice and from image or photograph.

Result for LGV Driver Theory Test:

Are you completed with two theory tests? You will receive the work within 10 minutes; it also helps

to increase your total score. Other than the CPC case studies test category are permitted to take a final test to receive a professional Driving license.

To the candidates who applied for the professional license post complete the case studies test. You are allowed to take the remaining two tests is only cases studies qualified.

Step after LGV Theory Test:

 After the results, you will receive a letter by post. I.e. your result certificate, it is crucial to protect safe because it contains a certified number which allows you to book your slot for the final Driving license.

You cannot go directly to have a final test, must complete the practical test, because it contains one unique number code. The lifetime of result certificate code is two years, complete your final examination within the mentioned period; otherwise, you need to restart from the two types of screen testing.

The drivers who wanted to apply for the professional driving license, as we discussed above context, you must qualify in the case studies. The cases reviews appear in the test are most from your daily experiences to know you’re thinking abilities and skills in real life.

The medical requirements to participate in the LGV Theory Test :

As a driver, it is your to ensure your health abilities before applying for large vehicles like LGV or PCV. To hold any of the Driving licenses, you must have a document proof about your eyesight stating without any issues.

If you have any disabilities in your health, it is not acceptable to drive on your own all times. At least case take consultation D1 document from the doctor and submit the DVLA department along with the application form.

If the Driving license agency permits, then you will receive a license; otherwise, it’s a piece of bad news.

Prepare well before attending the practical test and perform well. As discussed trying to apply for a professional Driving license, you must participate in the two functional tests as part of the CPC driver qualification.