Test Structure of Motorcycle Theory Test:

Practice Free Motor Bike Theory Test – Qualify with 99% Score

The theory test can be divided into two portions. The first test will be multiple-choice questions, and the next test will be a Hazard Perception Test. In this multiple-choice test, you will be having ten motorcycle theory tests where each test consists of 45 questions, and each question will be carrying four options, which you need to select the right option of your choice. The questions depend on the type of vehicle you choose.

Pass Score for Driving Theory Test:

Where to clear the mock test, you need to get 38/45 questions correct. Well, in the DVSA exam, you need to get 43/50 questions correct. This mock test’s primary purpose is to get a better idea and knowledge on traffic rules and road protocols, and candidates can practice their tests for unlimited times till they get the confidence to take up the actual motorcycle theory test. 

You can also revise your motorcycle theory test by books and software like online pdf. The questions you will get from the basic three books of DVSA agency are Highway code and Traffic signs and riding essentials. 

MotorCycle Theory Test

No.of Questions


Mistakes Allowed


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Time Duration Minutes

Motorcycle Theory Test:

In this, you will be getting an idea about how the motorcycle theory test will be in the DVSA theory exam, and here you can practice motorcycle theory test questions through our mock tests. All learner drivers must breeze through the theory assessment to meet all practical driving test requirements and acquire their full UK driving permit.

In contrast, in the DVSA exam, you will be having a timing simulator for 50 questions. You will be given 57 minutes to answer. As in our mock theory test, you can practice the motorcycle theory test with no time limit. This is one of the easiest ways to get good command over the road’s signs and rules. We give an outstanding arrangement to the official theory test. Furthermore, we emphatically recommend purchasing the enrollment and endeavor all DVSA mock tests. Our tests spread every standard and section of the Highway Code. The entirety of the motorcycle theory test material is up to date from DVSA.

DVSA Theory Test Cost:

You can take up all the mock tests for free, whereas coming to test the motorcycle theory test cost will be around £23.

Booking a Motorcycle Theory Test:

To book a motorcycle theory test, you need to go to your nearby DVSA office or else you can also contact through online https://www.gov.uk/book-theory-test