6 Easy Ways To Change name on Driving Licence UK Online

Despite several reasons to change name on Driving licence UK  it is good to keep updated essential documents, Bank cards, Insurances and policies related to driving license available to you all -time.

However, amidst like all other agencies, you need to contact the DVLA (Driving Vehicle Licnece Agency) to initiate your request. Interestingly in the entire UK country, the DVLA is the only department that verifies the names and address on the driving license. The Driving Vehicle License Agency check whether the past name and the new are matching or not.

How DVLA change name on a Driving Licence?

Send your old driving licence and application with new name to DVLA and attach with supporting documents related to change name on a driving licence.

The process is same as like you want to change your title from Ms to Mrs Give the evidence only that related to name changing. Until you receive a new driving Licence with the new name, you can continue to drive, but after getting your new license, do not carry your past Licence.

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Required Document to Change name on Driving Licence in the UK

An essential document that necessary to show evidence to change your driving licence; passport. You are not allowed to go on your way if you fail to carry either one. In case you do not hold a valid passport or failed in changing the name on driving license, you would face difficulties when you have to produce Identity proofs suddenly.

Luckily, the process and procedure to change name and address on your driving license are very easy than you imagine, particularly by enlisting your help from driver theory test.

In this Article, we will climb the steps you should follow to trigger the driver’s license of processes like name and address. So far, we discussed the importance of name and address in the driving license. In further, we will give accurate information about How to apply, who to apply and what terms to follow.  

Note: The coming process can also use to change any other details apart from name and address.

Change name and address on driving Licence in UK

If you want to change either name or address on driving license or both, you must inform immediately or contact the DVLA on change need in the permit. For you, the services are free to update your name or address even both at a time unless you choose to change photograph on the driver’s license.

It is better to visit online (official portal) to change the address on your driving license. (Or) Planned to change both name and address at a time to save time & procedure? It would be best if you choose Post (offline mode). Select your plan and make your work easy and straightforward.

How to change name on driving license in the UK?

The DVLA maintains two different methods to apply, change and renewal a license in the UK.

Offline and Online are the two methods affiliated by the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency. If you choose the offline mode, you must visit your nearer DVLA office to continue with the application process. Choose online mode? You can do it yourself because it is user friendly. Let’s see more in coming- up topics.

What is the Offline Process to change name on driving license at the post office?

The DVSA started up with post-application only. Eventually modulate with the technology and implemented online services to create around-the-clock availability customers (like you).

Though online services integrated, the doors for Post (offline mode) are always open to consider your request and make your work done is their responsibility. Hence, the process will depend on the proposal you raised and want to have regarding driver’s license.

Are you here to change name on the driving license? Then, move on with the given procedure:

  • If you do not become aware of your D74, then go for the license application of D1 to apply (Categories) car or motorcycle. D2 for Lorries, Trucks and Buses. Collect it from the post office.
  • Since you are here applying to change name, fill the D1 application form.
  • Submit the proofs of past name and a new name to proceed to the next step.
  • If you are 70 years above, do not forget to present your medical report.
  • Before submitting the form by attaching necessary documents, you should also pay the fee of £ 17.
  • Pay the fee by taking either option from cheque, debit/credit card or by cash.

Note: The damaged or altered cheques not accepted during payment, rather by doing this long process, you can also go for Online option.

Looking to apply Driving licence over 70, Stay tune with us. There are more benefits, free to change name, renew and many more. Know full details today.

Online procedure to change name on the Driving License in the UK

Before going further with filling application, you must be aware that there are two driving licenses to change any details once you received from DVLA.

Procedure for change name on driving licence UK
  1. Full Driving License
  2. Professional Driving License

We shall discuss these points separately incoming topics

Note: The DVLA doesn’t cost you anything extra to change your address or name online in the UK.

Do you Know!

If you fail to inform DVLA about your name and address change, remember you have to pay £1,000.

Hold the following required documents available while applying through Online

  • Your current driving licence
  • Suppose to be a citizen of the great British country
  • present the addresses from the last three years
  • proof of not banned certificate or document from driving
  • Give your driving license number (it depends on the license you are applying for, either Full driving license or Professional driving license)
  • National Insurance number (if Necessary)
  • Passport number and details (if required)

What Next:

Wait till you receive a confirmation mail from the DVLA department after applied. You will get it just in 14 days from the day of submitting your request. After receiving you shouldn’t use the old driving license anymore, you need to pay the penalty. Follow the rules and stay away from unwanted Fines.

Check How to Fill Application

Application form to change name on driving license in the UK

Applying to change the name in an existing driving license is a simple process. Complete it in simple steps, As follows:

Step 1: Choose from where you want to fill the application (Post or Online), then go for it.

Step 2: Collect the D1 application form

Step 3: To valid your application, must submit a piece of an original document conforming to your name change request

Step 4: Supposed to submit the documents like marriage certificate, study certificate or the Deed poll document. Note that they will not consider the evidence in terms of photocopies

Step 5: You must enclose with your photocard driver’s license along with the counter part

Step 6: send all these documents, including the application form to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 IBN.

Step 7: Receive new driving license through Post in 14 days from the day of application submission.

Change name on Driving Licence through D1 form

The D1 form is only for the category of car and motorbike, if you want to change name on driving Licence for car/ Motorbike then collect the D1 form from Driving Vehicle Standards Agency. Once you accumulate the correct format, start filling the block 1, 2 and 7 (end up with sign).

Attach your photocard driving Licence or a paper driving license, any original identity document with your details like new name and address.

What sections Do you need to fill the D1 application form in order to change name on a Driving License?

To complete the name, change application on a driving license and finish by filling just 3 blocks and submit it to the DVSA office either Online and Post. Follow carefully:

Fill Section 1: Here, you will be given a Tick box to mark on the option of ‘change my name on my Licence Only.

Fill Section 2: Complete the box with your new name, including the title in the first main box and followed by the large box’s present name next to it.

Fill Section 5B: Tick mark the box with the evidence type you want to submit as a proof along with the associated document reference or the serial numbers.

Fill Section 7: It is a sign section, fills it with your new name. This sign will display on your current driving license.

Apart from these 4 sections (1, 2, 5B & 7) you no need to fill any other blocks, it is not necessary. Unless no other changes like eyesight, lost, health, damaged.

The Documents Needed to change name on drivers Licence 

To apply for the D1 application to change my driving license, I needed to available with the below documents.

  • D1 application must fill with section 1, 2, 5B and 7 and sign with your new name.
  • Your present photocard driving Licence
  • The original marriage certificate/ civil partnership registration proof/ study certificate or Deed Poll. You should submit the document accord to the purpose you applied.

Fee for name changing on your Driving licence

The DVSA will not collect any fee from you to the petition you send to it on to change name on driving licence. Yes, it is Free.

Why To Change name on Driving Licence UK

Image add-

  1. Change name on driving licence after marriage

Your marriage certificate doesn’t work in any way to indicate the surname that you will have after the ceremony. You can still apply for name change to prove marriage by using the marriage certificate as primary evidence. To change name on the driving Licence, you need to fill the relevant application forms. To know about how to apply and where to please refer to the covered topics.

  1. How to change name on driving license after Divorce

It is entirely free of cost to apply the petition to change the name and address after separation or Divorce. You simply need to follow the rules given by DVLA and submit the application and receive a new driving license on the name you want.

The application procedure, documents required and the application fee details are the same as discussed earlier.

How Long does it take time to change a name on a driving licence?

If you submit the correct application with accurate (necessary) documents, you shall receive the new driving license in approximately three weeks.

Difference Between Professional Driving License and Driving License

Enhance the differences between professional driving license and driving license

Professional Driving Licence

Driving Licence

The applications for Professional Driving Licence allowed in Great Britain from 15 years and 9 months onwards.

Once you are passed with driver theory test and qualified, you can drive with a final driving licence for 17 years.

To drive, you need to apply for the professional driving licence.

Clear the tests conducted by Driver theory test.

Apply at DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency).

Pass the driving test from DVLA (Driving Vehicle Licence Agency).

There are two methods to apply- Online/ Post

You have two different options to apply for the driving Licence- select either Online or Post

Receive the professional driving licence through Post

Collect the driving Licence through Post

You can collect the professional driving licence in 14 working days

Get the driving license confirmation through mail ID and then receive it through Post.

However, DVSA assure you driving Licence

Whereas, DVLA will conduct the exams and complete your application process.

Change name on Driving Licence during the renewal

Is it possible to update my driving license by changing my name when I go for licence renewal! Yes, but it would be best to choose Post (offline mode) than online because it holds a little heavy work. After every 10 years, you must renew your driving licence. Hence, propose your need at the same time so that you can save time and finish both at one time.

Required documents to renew and change name on Driving Licence

  • Passport plays a lead here since you added to change name along with renewal process.
  • Not for changing your name in Driving licence but you have to pay £14 from a master card, Visa, or credit card.
  • Are you 70 years and above then no need to pay a fee.
  • Address of where you have lived in the last three years
  • Present driving licence
  • National Insurance Number
  • You are not supposed to disqualify from driving while you are not allowed to make updates.

1.Is there a fee to change name on Driving Licence

Hurry…! the DVLA will never charge you anything that you send a request on changing the name on driving Licence.

2. Can I change my name on my driving licence

Yes, you can change; there are no restrictions on it.

3. Renew and change on driving license after getting married

There are no limits to change and renew on driving Licence, but the passport and driving licence details must similar without any mistake. If so, you will be fined a colossal penalty.

4.Documents needed to change name on Driving Licence UK Easily

The old driving license you want to change, and evidence from DVLA that you are not an offence in the driving block. The reason behind your updates regarding name or address

5.When to Change name on driving licence Uk?

From Monday to Friday, you can follow up to apply from 11 AM to 5 PM. The portal and Post will collect your requests only on working days. Suppose you tried to apply online, then the application can be verified by the DVLA on Monday after 11 AM.

6.What application I need to apply to change name on Driving Licence

Go to the DVLA post office, or visit their official online portal, collect the D1 application to change the UK’s name on the driving licence.

7. Is it necessary to change name on driving Licence?

Cool! Yes, it is necessary to change your name on driving Licence, whenever you change your details in the passport or got married or separated. The DVSA is quite strict in following the rules of maintaining the correct information. It never encourages mall- practices.

8.What happens if I don’t change my name on my driving licence

If you caught by incorrect name or address you will be punished by the UK government (DVLA) will be massive. Still in ignoring stage? Apply immediately after knowing the process today and drive happily without any worries & tensions.