You are to pass one part of the theory test, but you can fail the next part; you will retake the entire exam.

• ‘tell me a question at the start of your driving test, before you start driving. • ‘Show me a question while you are driving.

The eyesight Process is to read a number plate from a distance of 20 meters for vehicles with new-style number plates or 20.5 meters for cars a number with old-style number plates.

• An eyesight check. • General driving ability. • Independent driving. • 'Show me, tell me 'Vehicle safety questions. • Reversing your vehicle.

The driver's theory test pass percentage in the UK is 86%.

Don’t worry if you fail your theory test. Take some time to practice very well, then book another test.

You will experience what will seem like an overwhelming number of signals, restrictions, road conditions, other road users to negotiate, and how to drive a vehicle.

Practice makes perfect, gives you more practical knowledge, and has better drivers.

To utilise free online practice for Multiple-choice and hazard perception revision tools on the online platform, a textbook or an application on your phone or tablet.

Yes,all the applicants are allowed to attempt Florida's learner permit online.