It’s time to get your driver’s license with a smooth driving test login

It’s time to get your driver’s license with a smooth driving test login

Getting your driving license can be a fun and energizing experience! Having the option to drive opens an entire world of potential adventures and exciting road trips. To procure your license in the United Kingdom, you’ll need to perform a driving test login for a temporary permit. It involves breezing through a theory test and pass your practical driving test.

driving test login

Finally, when you do, you can take off and see the world!

There are two ways to apply for your driving license.

Firstly, you can apply online, which is the cheaper of the two.

Secondly, you can apply by post by filling out form D1 (available at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or certain branches of the post office.

This requires you to send your application to DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AD (if all your documents are from the UK) and DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1AF (if any of your documents are from outside of the UK)


Theory Test

The first test is a series of theory-based tests that depends on 3 books. The Highway Code, Know Your Traffic Signs and Driving: The Essential Skills. You can buy these books on the web or at any high road bookshop. To book your theory test you have to do a driving test login on

Practical Test

For practical tests applicants must be 17 years old. You can book your practical test at driving test login These are the tests that you have to clear to get your driving license.

1.     An Eyesight check: It includes reading a number plate from a distance of 20 meters for vehicles with the latest style plate or 20.5 meters for vehicles with an old-style number plate.

2.     ‘Show me, advise me’ vehicle safety questions: There is one ‘show me’ and one ‘advise me’ question during your test. The first will be a ‘advise me’ question toward the start of your test. The ‘show me’ inquiry will be posed while you are really driving.

3.     General driving capacity: During this part of the test, you drive in different street and traffic conditions – excluding motorways. The instructor will give instructions to you to follow, so there is no pressure there, however to cause individuals to remain alert the driving test courses are not published.

4.     Switching your vehicle: You must do one of the following: Parallel park along the edge of the street, Park in a bay or pull up on the right-hand roadside, Reverse for approximately 2 car lengths.

5.     Independent driving – The last segment of the test is free driving, which goes on for around 20 minutes, following either a sat nav or traffic signs, you will be told which one by the inspector.

Here’s why you need to know your driving test number before your driving test

Once you pass your driving test, you can become an independent driver who has more freedom and opportunities than ever before. After all those lessons and theory tests, you can finally take to the roads and drive to your heart’s content.

Before that, though, you do need to book, attend and pass your practical driving test. When booking your test, do not forget to note your driving test number.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) provides the date and time of your test, information on what you need to carry, and the location of your driving test center at the time of booking.

Along with this, you also get a Car driving test number that is essentially your booking ID for the test. Do not treat it as just another number; it will help you manage your booking in the future.


If you are logged and still have some confusion about your test date or appointment, then you can check your appointment details on This service is especially for your assistance. You have to enter ‘driving test login’ on the website and you will find every information there.

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To clear theory test in the first attempt Practice Free theory tests online