Car Battery | How To Bring Your Car Battery Back To Life?

How To  Resolve Dead Car Battery Back To Life ?

If you have found yourself in a situation wherein in your car won’t start, it’s time to learn this trick. It is quite important to learn how your car battery functions.  Moreover, if call a guy he will just take 5 minutes to restart your car. This makes learning how to restart your car after a batter blip both time and money saver. At the same time, if you are out there to reach an important meeting or appointment then you will know what to do.

Steps to bring your car battery back to life

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1)Pack all the right tools

Firstly, you must have these things in your car. The list includes safety rubber gloves, apron, battery charger, voltmeter, safety glasses, funnel, and jump starter among others. Likewise, cleaning tools, basic tool kit, Epsom salt, baking soda, water bucket, distilled water may also come in handy.

2)Clean the Car battery terminals

Battery terminals are often covered in rust which can make your batter not perform. They can be cleaned by a simple solution of baking soda and distilled water. Put the solution on them and clean it with a cloth or brush.

3)Take reading with Voltage meter

The voltage meter will tell you about the charging power of your battery. Simply connect the meter with your terminal and take the reading. If the voltage is less than 12.6 then definitely your battery will need revival.

4)Renew battery acid

Take proper precautions before performing this step. It requires you to wear those safety glasses and apron if you want your clothes to come out safe. Using a screwdriver open the battery lid and pour the battery acid in a bucket. Then add baking soda to neutralize it and put it back to get the car running.

5)Clean battery cells

Once again you need the good old baking soda and distilled water to make a solution. After this pour it on the cells of the car battery. The next step includes you shaking the battery to clean it from the inside. Once done, empty the battery again.  Most importantly, take an empty bucket with you.

6)Electrolyte solution

Firstly, after you have cleaned the battery cells with baking soda and distilled water you need to one more thing. Secondly, put some Epsom salt in boiling water and pout the solution on the battery cells using a funnel. Thirdly, let it rest for some time. Finally, the voltage of your battery will increase and it will get back its charge.

7)Jumper cables

If you have jumper cables, simply put them on the terminals on another working battery. Make sure to put the red one on both positive terminals and black one on both negative terminals. Most importantly, ask the owner of the working one to start their car before you start yours.

8)Spare Battery

The oldest and easiest trick in the book is to use a spare car battery. Simply turn the batter and put it on yours with negative terminal interaction with the positive one and vice versa. It should start your car in no time.

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