6 Awesome Ideas to cut down car insurance policy cost in UK

Along with the engine, tires, and seat there is something else that comes with the car. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about a car insurance policy. Moreover, due to the increasing prices of vehicles car insurance is an area where people like to save their money. Although, there is no particular insurance provider who charges less than others, there still are ways. Most importantly, it is well worth the time to reduce them as much as possible.

Ideas to cut down Car insurance policy cost

Read on to find out how to reduce Car Insurance policy cost:

1)Be a dependable driver

Firstly, drivers who are responsible and practice safe driving do not get high insurance rates. Secondly, as and when you commit a violation it is updated in your driver track record. Thirdly, the more violations you commit, the higher goes your insurance premium. This is why it is important to be a dependable driver.

2)Take an accredited course

There are plenty of courses available out there which can save you money. Typically, they are defensive driving course which requires patience and safe driving. Most importantly, it checks how safe of a driver you are by ensuring you can drive responsibly when the need arises. Moreover, taking one of these tests also reduces the number of points you have against your driving license.

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3)Type of car

Firstly, the type of car you buy does have an impact on the insurance cost. Secondly, if you buy a larger car than a smaller one then the cost of insurance is high. Thirdly, if you buy an alternative fuel vehicle or hybrid then you can get an extra 5 % discount. In conclusion, the type of car does impact the insurance cost.  

4)Drop some things from the policy

Dropping some things from your insurance policy may turn out to be a good idea after all. This depends on the kind of car your have or your history as a driver. Nonetheless, you cannot predict if you will be an accident or not. However, if your car is quite old and you are thinking on buying a new one remove some things. They are collision and comprehensive coverage as repairing damage to the car will be more expensive than wrecking it.

5)Pay as you go insurance

If you opt for pay as you go insurance and are a safe low –mileage driver then you can save money. In this type of system the insurance company installs a telemetric device in your car to map how much and how well you drive. After factoring in these things they can easily decrease your insurance cost.

6)Install Anti-Theft Device

Believe it or not, simple things like getting good anti-theft devices for your car can save you money. This happens because insurance carriers see less risk in your car getting stolen. Therefore, they can decrease your insurance cost. Most importantly, you must check what type of anti-theft devices are approved by your Car insurance policy company.

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Proper Guidance

To follow the above-stated points, everyone needs to get proper guidance before they go for the Driving Theory Test. Be careful when you are driving on the roads. The complete guide for the theory test