Categories of Driving Licence: Complete Information on Different Types of Driving Licence U.K

A bit chaotic to know what Categories of driving licence to apply for your vehicle. You are at the right place to know about the complete details regarding all the types of driving licence issued in the U.K. What to do is stay connected until the last phrase of the article as there is a lot of interesting and informative data waiting for you.

The U.K government ensures that each vehicle gets issued with different categories of Driving licence based on the jurisdiction rules. The licences categorized into multiple types; make sure that you briefly know how and why they are classified. You are valuable to us to get provided with all the required information about the categories of driving licence. By having a complete idea of the types of driving licence, you can apply them with some clarity.

Categories of driving licence

What are Different Categories of Driving Licence?

The driving licence issued differently for each type of vehicle as a motorcycle, cars, lorries, buses, tractors, road roller etc., Make sure that you hold the required licence to drive the vehicle. A piece of complete information about the driver licence given below

A Type Licence

The Category A licence issued to the motorcycle’s vehicle, and you have to validate all the DVLA department requirements. It’s not over yet the licence A categorized as A1, A2, AM and the final one is A  

Types of A Licence Issued for Motorcycles Required Age
A1 Motorcycles of 125CC 17
A2 Motorcycles of 500CC 19
AM 2 or 3 wheeled motors N/A
A Any size vehicle 24

 A1 Licence

The A1 licence issued to the motorcycles of 125CC with a power output of 11kilowatts(K.W.) and tricycles of 15Kilowatts(K.W.) and the vehicle shouldn’t exceed 0.1KW/K.G. and the requirements to get the A1 licence is to attain an age of 17 and get handy with the Complete Basic Training (CBT) certificate.

A2 Licence

The A2 motorcycle licence, also called the restricted licence, so more than 500 CC vehicles are unallowed to drive. To drive the vehicles with a power output of more than 35KW, you must apply for the A2 licence. Make sure that you know complete about A2 Motorcycle Licence.

AM Licence

To drive any two or three-wheeled motorcycle, the applicants should have an AM category driving licence. This licence opts the requirements of physically disabled people. As the N.Z. government serves equally for all, so they concerned about the disabled and introduced a different driving category specially for them

A licence

The A category driving license is the full licence that allows you to drive any vehicle as A1, A2 and AM licence holder drives. The A licence is a full licence that enables you to drive all motorcycle vehicles with no restrictions.

B Type Licence

If you are 17 years old and wanted to drive a car! Then you are eligible to apply for the B1 licence. There are different types of B type licence available; apply for any available category based on the vehicle you had.    

Types of B Licence Issued for cars Required Age
B1 Cars of 400-500 Kg to carry goods 17
BE Cars of 3500 Kg 17
B Cars of 3500 kg that carries more than 8 passengers 17

B1 Licence

The B1 licence can be applied by the people who want to drive a motor tricycle of 15KW(kilowatts), and it also allows to drive a four wheels vehicle which used as the goods carries and weights about 400kg-500kg

B.E Licence

The B.E Category driving licence issued to the cars which weight about 3,500 kg and the applicants should be at least an age of 17 years

B Licence

The B licence is a full licence; you can apply for it in two different manners. If you attain 17 years and have a vehicle that weighs about 3500kg and carries eight passengers, you can apply for a B licence. The other procedure is if you are 21 years and have a motor tricycle that is more than 15KW, then you are allowed to apply for this licence.

The physically disabled can make use of the B licence to drive A1 and A motorcycle vehicles

C Type Licence

To drive the medium-sized and large-sized vehicles, the applicants can apply for the C type licence

Types of C Licence Issued for Motorcycles Required Age
C1 Small lorries 18
C1E Small lorries 21
CE Large lorries 18
C Large lorries 18

C1 Licence 

To drive small-sized vehicles and the vehicle should weight between 3500-7500 KG. The licence holder should have an age of 18 years to get this C1 licence

C1E Licence

The C1E licence issued for small-sized vehicles that weight between 3500-7500

CE Licence

To drive large vehicles of 7500 kg, the applicants can apply for the CE licence

C Licence

By having a C licence, the applicants can drive large vehicles of 750 kg

D Type Licence

To drive the buses and minibuses, the applicants have to attend for the D category driving licence.

Types of D Licence Issued for Buses Required Age
D Buses 18
DE Buses 18
D1 Buses 21
D1E Buses 18

D1 Licence

The D1 licence issued to the buses that are up to 750kg and doesn’t carry more than 16 passengers

D1E Licence

To drive the buses that are more than 750kg, then you should apply for the D1E licence

DE Licence

The minibuses, which weight over 750kg, are allowed to drive only with the DE licence

D Licence

All the minibuses that are of eight seating should hold a D licence to drive legally on the roads

F Licence

The F licence used to drive agricultural tractors

G Licence

You are allowed to drive a road roller by holding the G licence

H Licence

The H licence used to drive all the tracked vehicles

K Licence

The K licence used to drive the pedestrian controlled vehicles

L Licence

To drive the electronically propelled vehicles, the L Licence should obtain by the applicants

M Licence

You are allowed to drive the Trolley vehicles by using the M licence

N Licence

All the government vehicles should approve with the N licence to legally move on the roads

Q Licence

Any two-wheeled motors should have a Q licence

Types of Other Licence Issued for Buses Required Age
F Tractor 16
G Road Roller N/A
H Tracked Vehicles N/A
K Pedestrian Controlled Vehicles N/A
L Electrically Propelled Vehicles N/A
M Trolley Vehicles N/A
N Government Vehicles N/A
Q Two-Wheeled Motors N/A

How to Get a Driving Licence in the U.K

You must be aware of the U.K’s driving licence procedure; the process to apply is as given below. Don’t miss any one of the steps to get issued with a U.K driving licence.

Step 1: Apply for Provisional Certificate

 The foremost step that anyone who is applying for a driver licence for the first time should hold a provisional licence and apply for the provisional driver licence, and there are two possible ways available to apply as

  1. Through Online
  2. Through Post

Online: Applying online is the easiest and budget-friendly process to opt for; the procedure to apply online is by providing all the required documents as residency proof, passport, national insurance number and payslips from the HMRC. To fill the application form, an amount of £34  need to pay as there are multiple gateway methods available as the credit card and debit card; choose one of them and proceed with the payment.

Post: To fill the provisional licence application form, £43 must pay through cheque or postal order. The documents that need to be submitted are the passport, passport size photos, and all the mandatory fields in the D1 application form. Recheck all the required documents and sent them through the Post.

Step 2:

Select Driver School for Practice

Many driver schools are available in each state, so select one of the schools that helps you learn on the road and off-road driving. The school should provide 50 hours of driving which includes 10 hours of night driving. To get admission to the driving school is essential to submit a provisional certificate.

Step 3:

Attend Theory Test

The next step to attend to get the driving licence is to attend a theory test categorized as the Hazard perception and the multiple-choice questions. The hazard perception test consists of 14 hazard videos to test how you react at those times.  

Step 4:

Attend the Driving Test  

After completing the theory test, you are allowed to attend schedule the driving test. In the driving test, there are two exams as module 1 and module2. Module 1 checks the on-road driving skills, and module 2 checks the off-road driving skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have category A on my driving licence. Can I ride a bike?

The Category A licence is issued to drive motorcycles so that you can drive a bike. The Category A licence is a complete licence that allows you to drive any motorcycle type without any restrictions.

How to Get a B1 Licence

The procedure is the same for all the categories of driving licence: the process is to apply for the provisional certificate, schedule theory test and practical test. To get a B1 licence, the applicants should have a B1 licence issued for 400-550 kg, and the vehicle’s weight should be 3500-7500. The minibuses should be of the weight of 3.5 tonnes which have seating for nine members.

Category C Driver Licence

The category C licence issued to the large lorries that used for goods transport. The lorries that are between 3.5 tonnes to 32 tons issued with the category C licence

What is C1e Licence

The applicants have to attain 18 tears and be handy with the category B licence to get the driver licence. Good eye vision, and you should read the number plates from a distance of 20 meters. To apply for the C1e, you should have a driving experience of 12 months.

The C1e driver licence issued to the vehicles is 750kg-12000 kg. The C1e licence allows driving the c1 vehicles also.

Which Vehicles Doesn’t Need a Licence to Drive?

The list of vehicles that don’t need any special driver licence to drive on the roads is listed below.

  • An agricultural tractor
  • Pedestrian controlled mowing machines
  • Electric bikes
  • Mobility scooters

What is driving Licence code 79(3)   

There are many restrictions codes imposed on driving licenses. If you have any code as 79(3), you are unallowed to drive the tricycles. If found driving, you will charge a penalty.

How to Apply for D1 Licence

The category D licence issued for the buses and the applicants who want to apply for the D1 licence can follow the below procedure.

  • Fill the application form for the D1 provisional licence
  • Attend the vision test to get checked the eye capabilities
  • Schedule for the D1 theory test. After successful completion of it, you are allowed to schedule a D1 driver test
  • Attend the driver test
  • Finally, get your D1 driver licence

How to Apply for F Licence

To drive the tractors legally, the applicants have to apply for the F licence.

The applicants who have acquired a category B licence are allowed to drive the agricultural tractors without exception. No special licence required to drive the tractors

How to Apply for G and H Licence

The G licence and H licence are issued to drive the road rollers and tracked vehicles. So, there is no need to acquire a specific licence for that. Instead, you can make use of the B type licence, which legally considered legally eligible to drive those vehicles.

What are Driving Licence Codes

Many people may have their driving licence included with some codes. So, know the details of what the codes represent about you and your restriction to drive the vehicle

What is code 101 on Driving Licence If a driving licence has a code of 101 displayed on it, your vehicle is not available for hire or shouldn’t undergo any process to gain profit. 

Need Practice Tests before you apply for any Driving Licence
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