How can I change, cancel and Reschedule the Driver License Test

Worrying about Driver License Test can change, cancel and Reschedule the Driver License Test in the UK? All your doubts will vanish here. We describe your situation and solution for it. You will get a clear idea of each process according to the point you wanted to go through.

What is the Driver License Test?

Before sanctioning a person to drive on the road, the eligibility test that held before approving a person to conduct driver test each country follows their scenarios. As like the same, the UK had their implementations and rules to complete a driving test.

Driver License Test

Why should one attend the Driver Test?

Get access from the driving and transport department to drive on the roads, going developed with many rules and limitations. The driving test officers and testers will examine you from all corners of the driving syllabus. If you are perfect in all, they permit you to drive on the UK roads by proof of license.

Where can I apply for the Driving Test?

In the UK, you have a single department called DVSA termed as Driving Vehicle Standards and Agency. You can visit the office and online portal to apply for a provisional driver license.

The DVSA transport and driving department office are available at every frequent place throughout the country. The other user-friendly option is, go to their official website driver theory test to know more services.

How many types present in the Driver License Test?

The UK country DVLA (Driving Vehicle License Agency) segregated the complete test into two different types: Driver Theory Test & Driver Practical Test.

Driver Theory Test- In this test, you will perform two stages of the test: multiple-choice type & Hazard perception test.

Multiple-choice test: Here in this test, you will provide 50 questions with multiple answers; the allotted time for the examination is 57 minutes. 84 are the passing score out of 100. If you fail to reach 84, you can re-apply and re-attend until you get pass score.

You are eligible for the next round only after qualifying multiple-choice test with the best result.

Hazard Perception Driver License Test in the UK

It is ultimately a computer-based test; the exam is all about the situation or problem noticing. Here you will give with 19 video clips; each clip contains 2 to 3 short videos.

The test is a live mode test where you cannot go back after you fixed the answer. You will promote to the next level only after you qualify in this test.

Driver License Test slot Change

You can change the appointment book for the test either for the driver theory test or the practical driving test in the driver test. Are you looking for the timings to change the booked driving test? The official transport and driving department’s official website is available only from Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to evening 4:00 PM.

How many times can I cancel and re-book the driver license test?

The DVSA department limited the cancelling attempts for eight times only. I wanted to cancel or do more than eight times; then you need to cancel the whole test application and then again apply as a new application form to attend the driving test.

If you cancel your test before three working days, then the entire amount will refund to the account you used to book the slot.

If you fail to do so, you won’t get money back, and you have to re-allocate your slot by pay in the amount again.

What next after clearing the driver theory test in the UK?

After completing the driver theory test, the result will come through the post, if you fail the test you have to re-book again. If you passed and cleared in the then you will receive a unique number, it will help you proceed with further tests.

Does my age go to stop me driver license test?

The DVSA department didn’t mention about age anywhere, though you are a retired person still you have an eligibility to drive. But you must consider and fit with few rules and demands by the DVLA.

If you have health issues, it requested for you to stay away from the driving and feel free to take the help to travel.

In case you have minor health issues, and those are self –manageable, you need to present the doctor’s proof document to the transport department. You are allowed to drive only after a transparent verification process.

I lost my driving license; what can I do?

If you’re driver license test card in the UK stolen by someone, you lost it somewhere? No worries, if you have proper proofs regarding your driving, then you can visit the DVSA department, collect the application form, fill it give all required documents and get a new driving license with the same details.

Driver License Test

What are the minor health issues that the DVLA department can excuse in a driver license test?

The Driving Vehicle License Agency does not give leisure for those who have health issues that are either big or small. But on a consideration note, those who face the minimum health, an illness like headache, stomach ache, sneezing, and smaller issues are acceptable until you can manage.

If you are not able to manage, you strictly prohibited from driving on the UK roads.

I’m retired, but health condition is going well, can I drive?

There is a myth in assumptions that once you retired, you are not allowed to drive further. But the fact is, nowhere in the DVSA rules mentioned or discussed on that. As long as you have best and supporting health, you can drive a vehicle by renewing your license period.

Though you are retired, you can still drive a car; there is nothing wrong with being independent even in that age but not harming others by forcing health issues.

I suggest you go through the driver theory test to know more knowledge on driving test in the UK. There are many more guidelines to follow before and after the driver license test and mock theory test samples.

Please create a new boost up with your confidence on the day for your #15 RTA driving test with our great RTA driving tips that help you qualify for the first time. Do not feel over anxiety; instead, follow our 15 directions while entering to take the test.

How to pass the RTA driver License test- Our Expert Tips:

  1. Reach on time
  2. Be perfect with driving lessons.
  3. Carry everything you need in test
  4. Go with your Instructor car.
  5. Take the Instructor for the practical test.
  6. If you need to ask the examiner to re-test or repeat
  7. Confidence makes you clear test.
  8. Choose a place to take the practical test.
  9. Know your test routes in advance
  10. Keep an eye on mirror checks.
  11. Allot your test
  12. Regular driving with different directions
  13. Listen to the Instructor
  14. Revise and practise with theory knowledge 
  15. Do not hurry to get a driving license.

#15 RTA Driving Test Tips

Reach on time to RTA driver license test

Reaching late to the driving license test will keep you in risk and makes you miss the entire ordeal. During the rushing time, you feel frustrated and heavy tensed that causes you to deviate your mind from a calm mood to anxiety. Hence, that will result in your test. 

Ensure you reach before 10 – 5 minutes to the test centre and maintain the same theme for both driver theory test and driver practice test. By following such, you won’t feel over tensed.

Another essential thing is to make sure you have plenty of sleep before the test night because sufficient sleep will give you a peaceful mind and reasonable confidence.

Be perfect with RTA Driver license test Lessons.

To get the driving test done successfully and reward with a license at early attempts, you must balance with equal importance between driver theory test and driver knowledge test. 

You neglect either of the two you can’t even receive driver license even after 20 attempts. Do not think that you know everything regarding road rules, traffic rules. There are many more rules that you should know to attend the test and to clear the driving test.

Here we are providing the free mock theory test and lot more features. Go to the driver theory test to learn more about its core features and the many more benefits profited by the many other driver license holders.

#15 Driving Test Tips

Carry everything you need in the RTA driver license test

The number of test-takers couldn’t complete or receive their driver license card in the UK only because they did not carry the need documents and attend the test.

Set all the required documents before you go to sleep in the previous night to cross-check once before starting the journey to give the test either for the driver theory test or practice driving test.

Below are the primary documents you should carry to the RTA driving test:

  • The provisional driving license card.
  • You’re biometric Passport as the identification proves.
  • The application form to attend the test is either going for the driver theory test or practice driving test.
  • Two passport size photos.

#15 Driving Test Tips

 Go with your Instructor car.

 You should take the vehicle you feel comfortable from the practice driving test in the UK under the guidance of (DVSA) Driving Vehicle Standards Agency.

The comfortable driving with the regular use vehicle and the benefits of “Show me & Tell me” session test in between the practical test to acquire a driving license card in the UK.

 Take it is exceptional Advice. While the Instructor conducting the driver license test for you makes sure or creates space for you to talk to the examiner regarding the mechanical part of the car or vehicle, it will help you remove your fears during the test time.

It will also help you have the full-pledged knowledge at the beginner part of your RTA driving test; actually, it is right for you to listen to the experts in the stream you have just started.

 Take Instructor for practical RTA driver license test.

It is not essential to have a person while attending for the driver license test because the many testing centres will arrange a fixed and monitored camera in your vehicle. But you have an option to choose the Instructor.

Since you have a deciding option, it would be acceptable to choose the Instructor and the driving test. They will guide you, in case you are going wrong also they teach you their unique, simple techniques and their experiences to learn something from it.

 Ask the examiner to re-test or repeat RTA driving test.

The examiner or Instructor will either ask your number of question continuously or keep silent and observe your way of driving, whether you are following with the rules or not.

You might hear the question asked or rose by the Instructor due to the heavy noise or feeling anxiety from inside. In such cases, I request you to stay calm for two minutes and raise ask your examiner to repeat the answer.  

Many lose their test only because of irrelevant answers to the question asked by the tester. So, do follow this tip while you attend the driving test in the DVSA transport department.

Confidence makes you clear RTA driver license test.

The tool confidence is all matters to clear the driver license in the UK. Be thorough with the driver lessons and theory test practice mock tests delivered for free from driver theory test.

Make sure you learn all the topics up to date before applying and going for the practice test. The reason for stressing to be perfect in the driving lessons is on the test time somehow or the other you feel anxious about driving with the examiner same as a kid attending to his/her first exam in school.

So, during your anxiety out of the unconscious, you make minor mistakes while progressing the test. Do not worry about that because you will exclude you for 15 little errors during the trial. Another important thing does not take your lessons light because you have concession is going wrong.

Choose a place to take the practical RTA driving test.

There are public places for driving test centres at maximum distance travel from one to another. Readily available centres with crowded places with several dangerous roundabouts maintain the very few test rates than rural areas.

It is better to choose a place where you can clear the driving test 90%; it does not forget the high marks besides score and concentrate on the driving techniques with your vehicle’s balancing levels. 

Since it is your choice to select to give a test, make the test’s place worth conducting. The quiet roads will not show you the exact result of your training so plan accordingly. Give confidence to the tester that you can drive on any road paths.

Know your RTA Driver license test routes in Advice

I know it is hard to see where you will direct the tester on the test day, even if you don’t know about the hazards and traffic you face. However, once you selected your test centre, you can see the centre surrounding places to make it easy for you on the practical driving test day.

It is better to practice on different roads with a mixture of major and minor roads, staying away from the unwanted and nasty things to hold before the test date.

Keep an eye on mirror checks.

The main reason for many test-takers is that you should adjust all vehicle mirrors to the correct point before starting a driving test. The testers will initially look at the mirrors to see whether they placed at the right positions are not.

Make it a primer habit to check and adjust the mirrors often during the drive so that the examiner will let you know that you are much focused for you’re behind vehicles.

Allot your RTA driving test

Apply for the driving test only if you are entirely into the present mood to a trial and qualify in the driver test conducted by the UK’s DVSA transport department. Make sure to give a particular time till you receive a driving license; the deviations might damage your focus on attempting the driver license test.

Regular driving with different directions

You must build a habit of driving with irrespective of sessions and type of roads; the examiner will ask you to go on the rough roads or in heavy traffic and busy streets. It would be best if you practice on all streets during the training sessions with different directions.

Listen to the Instructor

Though you have practised thoroughly and well with the best driving skills, you should still listen to the Instructor’s voice while under the driving test. You should follow the rules of the examiner in your driving test.

Revise and practise with theory knowledge 

Learning and attending the sample tests are okay. Still, you have to revise and practice more to participate in the driving test if you practice more than you won’t feel losing your trial at the first level because you have the strong base knowledge regarding the test pattern and time management the RTA driver test. 

Do not hurry to get RTA driver license test.

Do not plan your driver license test in a hurry mod, either you attend the examination with anxiety or with a busy that at any cost you need to finish the test and job into other immediate work.

No, it is not the correct manner. You should have a well-planned structure to attend the test; it is good to cancel your trial if you’re in a strategy to put your 100% effort.

Driver License Test Waiting Time

How long shall I need to wait?

The Driving Test aims to schedule a time for the candidates in less than ten weeks; our availability and ability depends on our applications every day. However, the minimum waiting time does not exceed more than ten weeks. The DVSA might consider your application within 24 hours after applying it, or it might take more a little longer time.

The present average time for the category of car and minivan-driving test depends on the applicants who applied and waiting since last for weeks.

Driving Test

Weather Disruptions for Driver license Test

Due to unexpected weather conditions, the DVSA transport department has to cancel many drives. Since the adverse weather conditions, the time waiting for the process has been 70% consumed by weather changes, and the remaining 30% is because of heavy applications each day.

What is the cost of the driving test?

It will help if you remember the theory test is not the only test you perform. Still, after qualifying in the theory test, you should participate in the Hazard perception test. Practical driving test remembers the price; the payment process is separate for both the test for one single license to deliver by the transport department.

The driving test price is £23 for round one test is a Driver Theory Test, it is ultimately a computer-based test with multiple answer type; you will give with 50 questions, within 57 minutes you need to finish it. You qualified for the next level in case you scored with 84% out of 100.

Note: The Theory Test has a short validity time, after qualifying in the driver theory test, the lifetime this temporary permission is only for two years. If you cannot finish the practical driver license test within this span, you need to re-book the theory test and re-start the process again from the beginning.

When do I receive a Test Date?

You know need to get tensed because the DVLA department will send the notification before five working days. While applying for the driving test, you should also mention your availability and unavailable time to fix your test during that time.

If you have any specific important work, do mention that you will not be available until that date or during that time.

What is the Average Driver license Test Waiting Time?

The minimum of 2 months and the maximum case of 4 months rather than your application does not exceed. There is another option to get your test faster, pay £ 145 to book your driving test. Hence, finish your driving test less than ten working days.

What is the main reason in waiting for a driving test?

Since there are 1.7 million driving test-takers each year, it’s clear that the driving test demand is high and plenty of drivers are waiting for their time to pass and clear in the driving test.

With the driver theory test, the participators will clear at a single attempt. Still, few might take many attempts to qualify in driver practical test and receive a driving license in the UK.

Driver License Test Scotland

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency institution had changed the old rules and updated with new rules for driving test procedure and issuing the driver license to the qualified members, guiding with Theory and practical driving tests with many lessons within it.

Our Driving lessons and tests taking place in Scotland?

In Scotland, the DVSA team is available with both Theory, and Practical lessons are also taking place on a full-time role. In case your test cancelled or postponed due to previous restrictions. The DVSA will contact you to re-book for your new appointment for the driving test.

In case your theory test certificate is expired or going to end soon before you apply for a practical test, you need to re-attend the theory test before going further with the practical test.

Driving Test Rules in Scotland

The candidates should arrive at the test place before five minutes to begin the test; it reduces hypertension during the test hours.

Before going to the practical driving test, you must make sure that the car interior is perfect and cleaned before the examiner gets in to start.

The test takers must keep the vehicle well ventilated by keeping the windows open and clean distinctive to all corners. Also, make sure you fill with sufficient fuels and available with all required tools and technical instruments.

Driver License Test Price

Since your driving test course is coming to an end level, hope you learned all the lessons and practice all mock tests for the driver theory test, now there is the main obstacle held, i.e. Driver test to collect the driving license to drive on the UK roads.

The Driving vehicle standards agency recommends you to pay to take the test. The payment process is different for both the theory test and practical driving test. You might raise a question of how much does it cost totally to attend the driving test?

You are on the best platform to know the pricing details to attend the driving theory test, here are the most recently asked questions regarding driving test price’s and its costs.

What is the Standard price for Driver License Test?

The theory test qualified members to have to pay £62 to go further with the practical test, but the mention is not and standard cost, it varies with the type you choose. The price of £62 is a fixed cost for those who attended the test before 4:30 PM. But the people, who wanted to participate in beyond that time may need to pay the fee accordingly.

Also, remember that the paying fee just for the exam process, if you are using a department vehicle for the practical test, the cost is different from the test price.

What are the costs for evenings and Weekends driving test?

Compare to the average price; the weekend’s costs are a little high. If you wanted to take the test during evening times and weekends you have to pay £75. The mentioned amount is not a matter for the excellent job workers, but it would be best to take the regular time option to save money for those financially in-balance.

Hence, recommend you go through the Driver Theory Test that mentioned the diving practice test since we provide every concept related to the driving test and the number of practising mock tests. 

Driver License Test Fee

The Driving Test fee varies with the available categories like car, motorbike and heavy vehicles. Wanted to book test for a car? Pay the cost of £ 23 for the theory test and £62 for driving test. The below table gives you the complete information to every category.

Driver License Test Fee for Car

Driver Type Test Weekdays Evenings, Weekends & Bank Holidays
Driver Theory Test £23 £23
Driver Driving Test £ 62 £75
Extended test or Disqualified test for drivers £124 £150

Motorcycle Test Cost

Are you looking for the Motorcycle tests and the types in it? Here, in this table, you can draw an idea on how you to need to pass in the test and the money you should pay to attend driver test.

Driver Type Test Weekdays Evenings, Weekends & Bank Holidays
Theory Test £23 £23
Module Test 1 for Off-Road £15.50 £15.50
Module Test 2 for On-Road £75 £88.50
Extended test or Disqualified test for drivers £150 £177

Heavy vehicles Driver License Test Costs

In Heavy vehicles, the DVSA summed up all like Bus, Truck, Lorry and Tractor by labelling with unique codes. The codes are C, C1, D and D1.

Driver License Test Weekdays Evenings, Weekends & Bank Holidays
CPC- C Multiple choice type £26 £26
CPC-C1 Theory Hazard Perception £11 £11
CPC-D Case Studies £23 £23
CPC- D1 Driving Ability Test £115 £141
CPC- Final Practical Demonstration £55 £63

Driving Test

Driver License Test Fee

To get your first provisional driving license test to the car, motorbike or Heavy vehicles:

  • You should have at least 16 years or less than two months to become a 16.
  • You must be able to read and identify the number plate from 20 meters long distance.

Know well before you start applying for Driving test fee

There is an option to apply via online; your application process will improve success only if you have any of these: Master Card, Electron, Delta debit or Credit card to pay the fee. To apply for the provisional driving license, you should pay the price £34 by using either option as mentioned above.

The documents to apply for the driver license test.

  • A valid UK biometric passport as an identity proof.
  • The address of where you lived for the last three years.
  • Please submit the National Insurance number if you are from another country and applying for a driver license in the UK.

You will receive an email from DVSA if all the given details by you are accurate. Otherwise, there are chances to reject too.

You will get your provisional license with-in one week if you applied through online or if you choose the offline option then it might delay. You can expect the offline application in 10 days or with-in two weeks.

Receive the provisional license from the post before you permit you to notify with an email message.

When can I drive with a Provisional license?

The rules depend and based on the category you choose car, motorbike and heavy vehicles. Suppose you passed and cleared all test like driver theory test, hazard perception test and CPC test (for bike and Heavy lanes). Then you are allowed to drive on the road with the provisional license.

Hence, before going for the driver tests, you must apply for a provisional license by paying the driving test fee.

Driver License Test Requirements

Driving test requirements to attend the Test

There is only one driving test department in the entire United Kingdom country, i.e. DVSA (Driving Vehicle Standards Agency) driving test requirements that conduct driving Test to all the categories.

The driving test requirements in the driver theory test

  • Your UK provisional license.
  • A Biometric passport as the identity of your citizenship.
  • Passport size photograph along with your temporary license card.
  • You no need to carry any other documents from these, since your details already displayed in the application form in the provisional driving license.

Driver License Test Tips

Are you looking for the best tips before applying and attending for the driver theory test? Here are some core tips to follow to apply for the provisional license and participate in the driver tests.

The examiner will notice the listed points in your driving test, so understand well and apply these in your driving practice test or driving ability test:

  • You can book for a driver practice test after clearing the driving license test.
  • During the driver practice test, you noticed whether you are driving and the different road codes and maintaining all the traffic conditions.
  • Make sure you know all Highway codes before step-in for the practical drive test because many fail there, due to unaware of those highways codes and rules.

Driver License Test Practice

To clear your driver theory test, practice more to reach success and collect license to drive on the UK roads by satisfying all the requirements.

Here in the driver license test, you have 500 and more practice all the questions and answers derived from DVLA (Driving Vehicle License Agency). Present with 50 questions with multiple answers, you have to choose the appropriate response.

You suppose to finish the test with-in 57 minutes; you are promoted to the next level only if you crack with 84% from the total. The reason behind our rules is that the actual Test is also maintained the same scenario; our theme is to make you habituate and be an expert with all regulations.

I failed in the Driver License Test, what next?

Since your provisional license is valid for two years, you can re-book your slot to give the Test to the infinity times before the claim expires. If you failed in your driver theory test, sit back and practice for three working days and re-apply for your slot to attend the Test.

Why passing the theory driver test is essential to apply for a driving practice test?

In the complete driver’s Test, the driver theory test is the 1st Test to be conducted in all the categories. You are allowed to take next Test only if you exact theory test that contains 50 questions and the pass percentage is 84 out of 100.

What are the primary driver test requirements?

Apart from age and formal requirements, you also have the right health conditions and the proof’s must submitted to the DVSA office. The other important thing is you must practice and practice more to qualify in license theory test and to receive a provisional license in the UK.

Driver License Test “Show me Tell me Questions and Answers.”

In practice driver test, there are two familiar questions Show me & Tell me. The driving ability examiner politely asks these two questions to test you. The following are some common questions asked by the examiner. Take our answers as a reference point while you attend the practical driving test.

Tell Me Questions- The driver test “Tell Me” refers to where you explain the context and meaning of traffic rules to the examiner.

Show Me Questions- The Driving test “Show Me” indicates the tester’s question to show me the right lane and take diversions.

Do you know!

While answering to the Show me and Tell me a question in driver test your driving manner is also tested manually by the examiner. Though you are answering the questions asked by them, that doesn’t affect your motion of driving. If you fail, then you are rejected for the practical driver license test.

Here is a few sample driver test show me and tell me questions:

Tell me how you would check the vehicle engine has sufficient engine coolant?

Before answering the asked question, identify any high and low-level markings on the header on the radiator filler cap and explain how you can fix it to the correct level and pass the driver license test.

Tell me how you would check engine’s oil is sufficient or not?

By identifying the dipstick oil level or percentage indicator, you should describe the oil level with the maximum and minimum oil marks.

Tell me how you will switch your car headlight from dipped to the leading beam light is on the active mod?

Operate the switch and warning the beam light. The brakes should test to set off, and the care should not pull to one side only.

“Tell me” how you would check brake light’s that are working or not in this car?

Notify that you would operate and hold the brake pedal to use reflections on car windows or doors and take someone’s help.

Tell me how you would check brakes working or not before starting your Driver License Test?

Always check the brakes are not stick and rough and not supposed to support only one side.

The below are some sample questions on Show me Questions in driver license test:

Whenever the questions asked like Show Me, do not ever stop the car in between and try to answer those, remember if you do so, you will reject it by the driving test examiner. Here are a few questions on Show Me category:

  • How will you clean and wash the rear windscreen show me?
  • “Show me” how you will clean the front windscreen?
  • Do in front of me how you will dip off/on your headlights?
  • Show me how and when you will use a horn?
  • Let me see how you would open & close the side windows?
  • Show how you can lock and unlock four days at once?

Driver License Test Date

To book the driving test for the driver theory test and driver practice test, the below are the categories that you are allowed to book your slot:

  1. Car
  2. Motorbike
  3. Heavy Vehicle’s (Bus, lorry & Truck)

Driving Test booking online time

You are allowed to book online all days, but with specific timings. The official DVSA website is available only between 6:00 AM to 11:40 PM.

Before you start online booking for a driver license test, you should follow and please do available with these requirements:

  • The UK driving license number or provisional license number.
  • Debit or credit card for the payment process.
  • The driving instructor personal contact number, to check they are available or not.

Book slot for Driver license test to upgrade license

You should consult with the Driver Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA), to need an upgrade test from automatic to manual with the categories like a car, bus and large vehicles like a lorry.

The helpline driving test dates are available only during Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Driver License Test Theory

The Driver theory test’s official website test will have 20 quiz sample papers to practice. To make you formal with the test pattern, we follow the same rules to understand and build confidence to clear both driver theory test and driver practice test.

You give 50 questions; you must complete in 57 minutes and qualify at least with 84% otherwise you will be disqualified from the Test. If you fail in the Test, you need to re-book after three working days.

We have collected the same type of questions in the actual Test; our quiz collection is from the recent syllabus updated from the DVSA transport and driver license test department.

 Driver License Test Booking Change

You can change the appointment book for the test either for the driver theory test or for the practical driver licnese test in the driver license test. Are you looking for the timings to change the booked driving test? The official transport and driving department’s official website is available only from Monday – Friday 8:00 AM to evening 4:00 PM.

How many times can I cancel and re-book the driver license test?

The DVSA department limited the cancelling attempts for eight times only. I wanted to cancel or do more than eight times; then you need to cancel the whole test application and then again apply as a new application form to attend the driver license test.

If you cancel your test before three working days, then the entire amount will refund to the account you used to book the slot.

If you fail to do so, you won’t get money back, and you have to re-allocate your slot by pay in the amount again.

Cleared driver license test, what next?

After completing the driver theory test, the result will come through the post, if you fail in the test you have to re-book again. If you passed and cleared in the then you will receive a unique number, it will help you proceed with further tests.

Is there any particular age to stop driver license test?

The DVSA department didn’t mention about age anywhere, though you are a retired person still you have an eligibility to drive. But you must consider and fit with few rules and demands by the DVLA.

If you have health issues, it requested for you to stay away from the driving and feel free to take the help to travel.

In case you have minor health issues, and those are self –manageable, you need to present the doctor’s proof document to the transport department. You are allowed for driver license test only after a transparent verification process.