Practice Driving Theory Test

In order to practice driving theory test, the vehicle agency, and the driver recommend us to learn the Highway codes. Thus, the DVSA publishes a vast number of driving licence theory test online questions.

MCQ’s (Multiple choice questions)

In order to prepare for the MCQ’s part of the driving theory test online, you must go through the flashcards (Learning cards) below. You can also find a wide range of DVLA mock theory tests for both motorcyclists and car drivers on this site.

The Highway Code

It’s important to learn The Highway Code for the DVLA mock theory test and LGV theory test. Most of the rules in the Highway Code are found to be legal requirements and by chance, if you did not follow these highway rules you may be given the penalty points (thus on your licence), fined, or found to be disqualified from the driving theory test.

Highway Code | How To Know The Traffic Signs In A Better Way?

As you know the traffic signs play a very important role in informing, directing, and controlling the behavior of the road users. This helps the driving licence users to have knowledge of the high code traffic signals and also helps them to make the roads as safe as possible for everyone.

Do you know there are 3 types of traffic signs
signs which give information
signs which warn
signs which give orders

An interesting fact is that each sign type has a different shape.

DVSA Theory Test Online –  Essential skills  produces the syllabus (Flashcards) in the essential skills range. Our syllabus helps you to learn safe driving skills for life. 

Our Syllabus Comprises of :

  • questions & answers based on real driving licence tests
  • helping users fully understand the answers

Users can:

  • Learn each and every topic in detail.
  • Illustrated in an easy-to-remember way
  • unlimited mock tests that give the real test experience 
  • Can monitor their progress after a tests